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Magical Beginnings

We fell in love with our land in 2016, and have been working ever since to cultivate it into a gardener's oasis. Starting with vines, expanding to vegetables and chickens, check out the timeline of our magical farm. 


The Vineyard


Gardens + Greenhouse




The Land


Welcome to Cinderbreeze, a magical business that offers enchanting products and services related to magical or whimsical themes. We are an organic vineyard and farm located in Ashland, MO. Our vineyard specializes in wine production, growing fruits and vegetables, and providing a home to chickens. Everything at Cinderbreeze is certified organic and biodynamic. We offer a variety of services related to wine production, organic farming, and eco-friendly practices. Furthermore, Cinderbreeze sells products such as wines, fruits, and vegetables. While still in the production phase of our wine and medicinal products, we operate as an online blog to attract followers, provide educational content, and build a community around organic farming and winemaking. The location in Ashland, MO, situated in Missouri's wine region, offers a perfect setting for the vineyard. Our business aims to offer educational content, attract followers, and build a community around organic farming and winemaking. The location in Ashland, MO, being in Missouri's wine region, will be highlighted on the site through photos, videos, and blogs. Discover the magic of Cinderbreeze.



At Cinderbreeze, we take pride in the quality of our products. Everything we produce is 100% organic, free-range, and GMO-free. Our fruits and vegetables are grown with the utmost care and love, ensuring that they are not only healthy but also delicious. We believe that nature is magical and we strive to preserve its magic in all our products. Come and experience the magic of Cinderbreeze.

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